Book Review: Neil Patrick Harris – Choose Your Own Autobiography


For the last year or so, Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography had been on my must-read lists for various reasons. Firstly, Neil Patrick Harris is an absolute gem. He’s not only a talented actor but also a great singer and magician. Secondly, what attracted me most to his autobiography was that it claimed to be a “choose-your-own-adventure” book.

As background information, I, like NPH himself, was a huge fan of the choose-your-own-adventure books during my childhood. Although, most of my encounters with the genre were of the Goosebumps kind but do with that what you will. Either way, I was curious to see if this could be pulled off in autobiography form.

And I was not disappointed.


I am still in the process of finishing the book in its entirety however, I have already reached various endings ranging from the heartwarming to the obviously fictional and entertaining. The book follows a typical autobiography in that it maps out NPH’s life from start to present. And yet, similar to a map itself, there are many paths and crossroads to choose from.

It’s a clever way to present an autobiography as you, the reader, take the role of NPH himself and make decisions that lead you to various situations such as:

  • The previously-mentioned crazy, fictitious endings
  • Anecdotes from those who shaped Harris’ life (including a snippet from Barney Stinson)
  • Magic tricks guided by the man himself (which I have yet to attempt but will be astounded by none the same)
  • Pages dedicated to tweets
  • And much more wonderful-ness that comes from NPH (or should I say ‘your’) brain

It’s easy to hear Harris’ voice in the back of your head as you experience his rollercoaster of a life so far and it’s well-written enough that each “chapter” can easily blend into another based on the handy prompts at the bottom of each page. It follows the many roles he has undertaken both in his professional and non-professional life from dealing with his sexuality, following his interests in acting, magic and the stage, becoming a father and much more.

I definitely recommend you purchase the book as every decision will follow a different path, leading to a unique reading experience time and time again. It’s rare to see something as unique as this book come to fruition and I look forward to reading more of NPH’s antics in book-form in the future. If that is a possibility.


Photo Credit: New York Daily News
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