Show Review: Sense8 – Season 2

sense8-589ef38bd9ec0It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since the first season of The Wachowski’s sense8 first debuted on Netflix. I took a day just to recover from the amazing finale of its second season which was released last Friday.

sense8 celebrates the weird and wonderful things about us as human beings – even if our main protagonists are (in the show’s mythos) another species. The second season is a vast improvement from the first and expands on the science behind the sensates while retaining their individual storylines at the same time.

Fair warning that this might be quite a long review but I just have so much I want to talk about with this amazing series. So a spoiler alert is obviously required from this point onwards.

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Show Review: 13 Reasons Why

13-reasons-why-soundtrack-cover There is one main reason why I didn’t post on Thursday apart from life itself. And it’s a small little show called 13 Reasons Why. The adaptation of the popular young adult book is raw, riveting and revealing. Ever since the trailer release, I was hyped. If you haven’t watched the show, watch it now. I guarantee this show will bring on major feels.

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Film Review: Beauty and the Beast

eu_batb_flex-hero_header_r_430eac8dI originally decided that I wouldn’t post a review of this film because I don’t think I could add much to the plentiful, more expert reviewers. However, I have another post in the works about these Disney live action adaptations and I decided to change my mind.

Personal reasons aside, Beauty and the Beast was a joy to watch: providing both nostalgia and something entirely new to all audiences.

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Show Review: Iron Fist

Iron_Fist_S1_Title_CardIt’s been a week since Iron Fist was first released on Netflix and so, like countless others, I finally finished watching the last Defender’s debut season. It wasn’t a perfect series to say the least but to be quite honest, it wasn’t a complete let-down as critics made it out to be. Iron Fist had its moments but it’s no Jessica Jones (or Daredevil? I can’t be entirely sure about that one since I – confession time – haven’t seen the Daredevil series).

In short, Iron Fist has potential. It has some stand-out characters but it was dragged down by its story and lacklustre visuals.

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Book Review: Neil Patrick Harris – Choose Your Own Autobiography


For the last year or so, Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography had been on my must-read lists for various reasons. Firstly, Neil Patrick Harris is an absolute gem. He’s not only a talented actor but also a great singer and magician. Secondly, what attracted me most to his autobiography was that it claimed to be a “choose-your-own-adventure” book.

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Film Review: Doctor Strange


Sure, this review is a tad bit late. Sure, this movie has been released for quite some time already. But here’s a quick review of the newest superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Doctor Strange. Overall, the film was a breath of fresh air to the Marvel Universe introducing both the titular hero and the concept of magic. If you’re tired of watching the massive barrage of superhero movies, maybe Doctor Strange might change your mind. Continue reading “Film Review: Doctor Strange”